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That kinda looks like a baseball with code overlaid on top of it? That’s because that is what it is. My life has been revolving around my sons’ baseball teams and writing code. Got a lot of work done on some exciting projects like this (mobile) and that.  I have been thinking of posting here for weeks, but I have nothing to say. I used to wonder how web developers/designers could neglect their personal web sites, I didn’t understand, but now I get it. There’s too much life going on to put any time into my own stuff. The wife has been working hard with a few business pursuits that she seems to be enjoying, and I’m happy for her. This also leaves me with all 3 kids a lot of times, and by the time I’ve worked all day, or run around to the baseball fields, and fed them and helped with homework and got them showered, I’m beat.

I’ve lost a few very important people to me recently, and I keep reflecting on how little the world cares – it just keeps plodding along. I’m very grateful for them and everything they taught me and I will pass on to my children what they gave to me.

So if you’ve come here looking for something and were disappointed with what you’ve found, well, I guess that’s unfortunate. I’m still doing the same things, there’s just no time to tell anyone about them.

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