This site is a mess

This blog is a complete disaster, perhaps you’ve heard the term train wreck? Here’s the very appropriate definition from Urban Dictionary. It’s been ignored and alone for too long in this scary online world. I will try to revitalize it.

Tackling one topic, or a small range of topics will probably be difficult. I expect to rant about issues I see, share solutions I stumble upon to problems I think other people have, and deliver a lot of opinions. I’m going to maintain a sense of humor through my writing, and while it will be offensive, maybe it will shed light on the root of what troubles people.

At any rate, I’ve installed a new banging theme, and it was free, and I didn’t have to put any work into it. Which fit my time and money budgets perfectly. I rattled off some categories I could see ending up with some posts in them, and I updated the “about” page a bit. If you’re interested in any of the things you see advertised – please click on the ads and buy something!


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