Gabe Harris

I live in northern Virginia; I am a husband, dad, and coach. I exercise a good bit, and I try to go fishing, but that rarely develops. At work I make web sites and widgets to go on them. I’m from here, the “here” in northern Virginia that used to be rural and considered the place for poor rednecks and white trash that didn’t have either the means or the decency to live closer to the beltway, but I lived all over the country for a few years, too. When I left the area, I came back as soon as possible as it was always home to me. Now it’s a bit of a show, but that’s another story.

I grew up leaving for school after my parents were already at work, and getting home before they were back (I only “almost” burnt down the house once, and that was really only a small contained fire from a magnifying glass in the back yard yards from the house, the house was never in real danger). I’ve listened to hip-hop since my best friend in first grade introduced me to it – for the longest time I literally couldn’t hear/understand the words in “white people music” as I called it. I was very active in athletics (wrestling is the greatest sport there ever has been or ever will be, it’s OK if you disagree – you’re wrong) and I got good grades despite never pushing myself hard enough (too young and dumb like everyone else, which I’ve decided people are until they’re at least 30.) My parents are the greatest (“all things in moderation” is stolen from my dad, and it’s super tongue in cheek because I suck at it), and I have the best little younger brother in the world.

I’m disgusted with American politics, most of pop culture, the “Hipster/SJW movement” (for lack of a better term), and how soft we’ve raised kids to be. I get furious whenever I catch myself contributing to any of those things, especially as it relates to perpetuating those shitstorms (is that a compound word, or two words?) by not being a better parent. If you identify 100% as a Democrat or a Republican you are a part of the problem, sorry, but that system is trash. Yes- I am an old curmudgeon sometimes, but I’m the most fun person I know most of the time, too. Inside I’m still optimistic about most of it, even if it’s because I’m laughing to keep from crying, but some of this is starting to get a little scary.

I’m old enough to know better. I’m willing to listen and try to understand other people, but I’m well passed the point of trying to debate anyone into thinking the way I do. You arrived at wherever you are based on the years of life that you’ve been through, just like I have. If you are worried about anything you see on my blog here, it’s probably best to contact me (you could use the form below), I think I’m more reasonable than most. If you don’t yearn for pretentious commentary or images of beards you could follow me on twitter.

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