Live performance

I have been blessed to enjoy the stage, both as a performer and as an event producer, for over 25 years, in countless countries around the world, for audiences from 10 people to 10,000 people. I love bringing something unique to the stage; integrating unusual instruments into the music, mixing genres, like bringing an African groove into folk music, or classical for that matter. 

Through my company, Rhythm Village, I’ve enjoyed bringing African music and dance into schools, to expose kids to a beautiful and important tradition they may know nothing about, and to businesses to give executives and employees the experience of playing music, doing something new and challenging, rewarding and joyful.

If you are looking to have some unique music for your event, or your band wants to add some spice to their mix, I’d love to help. I perform solo, and work with some truly amazing musicians, including master musicians and singers from West Africa, Latin America, a wide variety of other musicians, and some excellent sound healers, too. 

If you or your business are looking for a truly engaging experience, my company, Rhythm Village, provides full participation drumming and dancing events for all occasions, including team building seminars and landmark business events.

Whatever your project is, I’m happy to help make it unforgettable, just send me a message and give me the deets!